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COVID-19 Infection Mitigation Protocol

The following operational, aircraft cleaning, and sterilization protocol is mandatory for all members and instructors using aircraft leased or owned by New Vision Aviation, Inc. until further notice to mitigate infection of pilots, instructors, and passengers by the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 disease.

  • When operating aircraft leased or owned by New Vision Aviation, Inc., members and instructors must wear N95 rated face masks or cloth face covering at all times The aircraft must be flown with both windows open and cabin air vents open Cabin heat should be used if needed to maintain warmth at altitude, but the windows should remain open for maximum ventilation. 
  • Members and instructors are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines for physical distancing when outside the aircraft and during the pre-flight inspection.

Alcohol-based Disinfectant

This product is to be sprayed on a clean paper towel to wipe the door handles, control yokes, engine throttle control, mixture control, flap control, carb heat control, switches, and keys.  This product kills virus particles in a few seconds if they are present and evaporates quickly.  It can also be used as a hand sanitizer.  DO NOT SPRAY THIS PRODUCT DIRECTLY ON AVIONICS OR ELECTRICAL SWITCHES!  ONLY SPRAY THIS PRODUCT ON A PAPER TOWEL AND THEN WIPE SURFACES TO BE DISINFECTED.

Sani-Cide EX3

This product is for use to disinfect plastic interior panels, seats, seat belts, and carpeting.  Product kills the virus particles over about 5 minutes, so the product should be sprayed on the surface and let sit for 5 minutes before wiping dry.  Product can be sprayed directly on the seats and door panels and then wiped dry with a clean micro-fiber towel provided in the hangar.

Griot’s Speed Shine

This product is used to clean the leading edge of the wing, lift struts, horizontal stabilizer, wheel fairings, wheel pants, and nose bowl/cowling.  Product should be sprayed lightly directly on the surface to be cleaned and then wiped dry with a clean micro-fiber towel in the hangar.  Wings, lift struts, nose bowl, and cowling should be cleaned after every flight so the aircraft is clean and ready for the next member to use!!

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner

This product is the only product to use to clean the windows on the aircraft.  It should be sprayed on the window directly and then wiped dry with a clean micro-fiber towel from the hangar.  NEVER USE A DIRTY MICRO-FIBER TOWEL OR PAPER TOWEL TO CLEAN THE WINDSHIELD OR SIDE WINDOWS.  AVOID CIRCULAR MOTIONS WHEN WIPING THE WINDSHIELD DRY AS THIS CAN CAUSE SWIRL PATTERNS THAT CAN CAUSE GLARE FOR THE PILOT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.  ALWAYS CLEAN THE WINDSHIELD AFTER EVERY FLIGHT!!!

Your Health and Safety is Our Priority

New Vision Aviation is concerned about our member’s and their instructor’s health and well-being during these challenging times and has developed this protocol for operations, cleaning, and sterilizing the aircraft to provide the maximum protection while operating aircraft for instruction or pleasure.  

New Vision Aviation, Inc. emphasizes that the decision to conduct flight operations with club aircraft solely rests with the club member and their instructor and following this protocol should not be considered a guarantee against infection with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease while conducting flight operations.

Flying should be fun, but during these challenging times, we must all be responsible and wise about activities we undertake.  If you don’t feel well or have been in contact with someone that has COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19, DO NOT RISK EXPOSING SOMEONE ELSE!!  Self-quarantine for at least 14 days and seek medical help if you develop symptoms.  If you have flown in one of New Vision Aviation’s aircraft, contact President Joseph Oldham at (559) 797-6034 and your instructor, if you have one.

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