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Our Petition for Exemption was Submitted to the FAA on August 29, 2019!!

After 17 months of testing and validation work, we have submitted our petition for exemption to re-certify the four Alpha Electros to SLSAs so they can be used in normal flight training operations. The 12-page petition took months of work to prepare and was a huge team effort. The file was so large that it exceeded the 10 MB limit of the Department of Transportation servers in Washington D.C., and had to be sent by FedEx.

Special thanks to our city partners, the City of Mendota and the City of Reedley, for their support and patience with the process of working through the FAA regulatory procedures and data collection needed to support this petition. Now, we are told the process for review and final determination within the FAA can take up to 120 days and, at some point, there will be a public comment period through the Federal Register. Once we have details on this comment period, we will update our blog and send an email notification to our list of supporters so you can submit your support for our petition.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement so far and we will provide further updates as the FAA review process unfolds.


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